First of all, let us explain what are the manual pushes and when we recommend to send them.

Manual push is manually triggered push to your channel manager with all the latest updates regarding your availability, rates and restrictions. If you have created/modified/deleted some of your availability, rates and restrictions we advise you to send a manual push to synchronize the changes immediately.

To send a manual update to your Channel Manager, navigate to the main Menu > Marketplace. Go to My Subscriptions and find the Channel Manager integration. Click on Settings to open it. In the new screen that opens, scroll down and you will see the last part called Options. Select the period you want to update and click on OK.

You will be notified by email if it was successful.

Here you can send a manual push for the future dates. In the ”From” section you can choose today’s date and in the ”To” you can pick the same date in a year and press ”OK” button.

The length of the manual push is different for each channel manager, you can double check it on the same page in the section ”Update interval length”:

Important note:
The updates that will be sent to your channel manager depend on the enabled operations in the channel manager integration. If you have all 3 of them enabled (availability, rates and restrictions), the full update will be sent. If some of the operation is disabled, this information won’t be included in the log and send to your channel manager.

More detailed information for Channel Managers, you can find by clicking on the below button 😀

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