If you're switching to Mews and currently have open prepayments in your previous PMS, you'll need to manually transfer them to Mews Operations.

Before you transfer your prepayments, connected reservations need to be imported to Mews from your previous PMS.

Step 1: Create a deposit

In Mews, deposits are used to track prepayments and account for tax.

1. Find the reservation that this prepayment is for. You can search for reservations or open them from the Timeline.

2. Go to the Items tab.

3. In the Additional expenses section, click New deposit.

4. Select the currency and enter the prepayment amount in the Price field.

5. Under Tax rate, select your accommodation tax rate.

6. Click Create.

When you create the deposit, two revenue items—one with a positive value and one with a negative value—are added to the reservation bill. For imported prepayments, only the negative item is necessary.

7. Go back to the reservation and go to the Items tab.

8. Next to the positive item, click Cancel.

9. Repeat all steps for every prepayment you want to transfer.

Step 2: Check that prepayments were posted correctly

1. Go to Main menu > Finance > Accounting report.

2. Select the following filters before you run the report:
- Under Type, select Created.
- Under Mode, select Grouped.
- Under Start and End, select the time period in which you transferred prepayments. For example, if you transferred all of your prepayments between March 15th and 16th, select those dates.
- Under Group by, select Accounting category.

3. Click OK > View report.

4. Check your prepayments listed in the Transactions section of the report.

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