By default, you’ll receive a notification when:

  • A report export is ready to be downloaded
  • A device command (such as for a key encoder or terminal) fails

Get notified about new orders

You can set up notifications for each of your services if you want to be notified about new orders (i.e., new reservations, in the case of your stay service).

Step 1: Turn on notifications

1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

2. Click on the service you want to set up notifications for.

3. Go to the Options section.

4. Under Options, select Order generates notification.

Step 2: Choose who will receive the notification

1. In your service settings, go to the Responsibility section.

2. Choose the employee or department responsible for new orders. If you select a responsible department, everyone in that department will be notified about new orders.

3. If you're setting up notifications for your stay service (about new reservations), you can choose which reservations you want the responsible employee or department to be notified about: those made in Commander, Distributor, or another channel (sent via channel manager).

4. Click Save.

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