Set up accounting categories to track your revenue.

If you don't use an external accounting software

If you don't use external accounting software, you don't need to set up any codes with your accounting category.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Property.

  2. Click Accounting categories.

  3. Click the + button.

  4. Enter the name of the accounting category.

  5. Under Code, you can enter a code for internal tracking in Mews Operations.

  6. Click Create.

If you use an external accounting software

If you have external accounting software, you can set up the additional code fields.

Note: We recommend you consult your accounting team before filling in these fields.

  • External code: To share accounting data in Mews Operations with your external accounting software (and vice versa).

  • Cost center code: To connect the accounting category to a cost center.

  • Ledger account code and the Posting Account code: For double-entry bookkeeping to keep track of your debits and credits.

Note: You must assign all accounting categories a Ledger Account Code. Mews and the accounting integration cannot exchange information without this. Consult your accountant to fill this correctly.

You need to create all your accounting categories before you connect to an accounting integration.

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) recommends the following accounting categories for tourism, hospitality, and leisure revenue reporting:

Classification Accounting categories

Accommodation Room revenue
Cancellation revenue
Late check-out

Food and Beverage Breakfast

Payments Paid out
American Express
Other CC

Bank transfer

Sundry income Laundry Parking
Service charge

Taxes City tax

Click below to learn how to connect to your accounting integration.

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