You can use product rules to create packages (where products are automatically added to reservations) or to automatically remove products from reservations. You can apply product rules to reservations with different segments, rates, rate groups, space categories, or space types.

Step 1: Create the product rule

Decide which reservations the product rule should apply to.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click on your bookable service.

  3. From the Settings menu, click Product rules.

  4. Click the + button.

  5. Choose a Segment, Rate, Rate group, Space category, Space type, or Origin. The product rule will apply to reservations that contain whatever you select in this field.

  6. Above the selection you just made, choose a Condition. You can restrict which reservations the product rule applies to even further by using the Minimum night count or Maximum night count fields.

  7. Click Create.If you want the same rule to add/remove multiple products, click + Rule action.

Step 2: Create the product action

On the right side of the screen under the Product action section, you decide what the product rule will add to/remove from applicable reservations. You can add multiple product actions; each action adds or removes one product.

  1. Click + Rule action.

  2. Choose a product, and decide whether it should be added to or canceled from reservations that fit the product rule.

  3. Click Create.

Note: You can't add the same product more than once with a product rule.

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