By default, your registration cards are set up to request all of the information required by law in your country. If you want to request more information from guests, you can update your registration card configuration at any time.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.
  2. Click on your stay service.
  3. Click Registration card configuration.
  4. Select the format your registration cards should be printed in.
  5. Under Options, choose which information you want to request from guests.We recommend only asking for information required by law (to keep check-in short and sweet).
  6. Under Text, enter any text you want to be printed on the card (such as information about fines). Only the following HTML tags are supported:

Bold This <b>text</b> is bold. This text is bold.

Break First line of text. <br> First line of text.

Second line of text. Second line of text.

Italics This <i>text</i> is italicized. This text is italicized.

Learn more about the basics of HTML.

If you want this text translated into another language, find the Add translation field and select the language from the drop-down list. A new box will automatically appear under the Text field, so you can add your translation.

7. Click Save.

Need more help? Check out our in-depth explanation of fields on this screen.

Field Description

Format Select the paper size your registration cards will be printed on

Options Choose which fields you'd like included on the registration card (for example, select Display telephone if you want to request a guest's phone number when they register).

Select Print based on person count if you want to the number of registration cards printed to be equal to the number of people on the reservation.

Text Enter any additional information you want to be included on your registration cards (for example, information about fines). The text should be formatted in HTML. Note: We recommend that you do not use this field for extensive T&Cs—these can be added to your booking engine in the T&C fields in your stay settings.

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