To create a product, you first create the service that you want to attach it to. You can learn more about the relationship between products and services here. You also create product categories to organize the products offered with your service.

Note: If you require accounting category setup for all services and products (enabled in your accounting configuration settings), create all of the accounting categories related to the product before you create the product itself.

Create a product

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click on the service you want to attach the product to.

    If you want guests to be able to purchase the product when they make their reservation, click on Bookable services.

    If you don't want guests to be able to purchase the product when they make their reservation, click on Additional services.

  3. Click on Products.

  4. Click the + button on the right-hand side, and then click on Product.

  5. The following fields appear when you choose to attach a product to Additional services. Fill them as per your requirements and then click Create.




Enter the name of the product. For example, Beer.

Short name

Enter an abbreviated name for places in Mews Operations where space is limited (for example exports).


Enter a description you want listed in Mews Booking Engine.

External name

Enter the name you want listed in Mews Booking Engine and Online Guest Services.


Select the product category that the product belongs in. For example, for Beer it is Alcoholic beverages.

Accounting category

Select an accounting category for this product. The accounting category for Beer is Minibar.

Rebate accounting category

Select an accounting category for rebates of this product.

Canceled item accounting category

Set an accounting category if the product is canceled.


Select the options you want to apply to this product.

  • Bill as package: You can set up stay products and service products to bill them as a package. When you select this option for a product it appears as one line on the customer's bill but is expandable in internal reporting.

  • Offer to customer: Choose for products you want to be listed in Online Guest Services.

  • Offer to employee: Choose this option to enable your employees to add the product to a customer’s bill.

  • Selected by default: Choose for products you want automatically preselected in the New Reservation screen.


Choose when you want to offer the product to guests through Mews Kiosk or upselling integrations.

For example: if you want to offer this product to guests checking in on Mews Kiosk, select Before check-in.


Choose the position where you want this product to appear in a list of products.


Enter the currency for the price of this product.


Enter the price of the product, excluding currency symbols.

Tax rate

Select the applicable tax rate for the price of the product.

Note: The following fields, are only visible for products attached to your Bookable services.

Relative price (to night net)

If you want the product price to be relative to the total cost of nights in a reservation, excluding tax, enter a percentage amount here.

For example: If you enter “50” and a reservation costs 200 euros, the product will cost 100 euros.


  • Consumed before night: Each product has a unique setting, that defines whether it is "consumed after night." Most products, such as extra beds, dinners, etc., should be set to Consumed before night.

Note: Breakfast is an exception to this, as guests consume it the morning after and it therefore appears on the report after the related night of consumption.

  • Exclude price from offer: Select this option to add the product price on top of the reservation cost after product consumption.


Choose how you want this product to be charged.

  • Select Once for one-time consumption.

  • Select Per person per night for products such as Breakfast.


  • Products set to be charged Per night or Per person per night are posted as Daily in the customer’s bill.

  • Products that are set to only be charged Once or Per Person cannot be mapped to a channel manager rate.

Delete a product

Deleting a product doesn't affect any data already collected for that product. To delete a product:

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click on the service that the product is attached to. This can be either your bookable service or any of your additional services.

  3. Click Products.

  4. Click on the product you want to delete.

  5. Click the Trash icon.

  6. Confirm by clicking Delete.

You can also modify a product after creating it. You can learn more about this by clicking below.

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