You can use counters to automatically assign numbers to bills, invoices, proforma invoices, and service orders.

  • A bill counter can be assigned to either bills and invoices.
  • A proforma counter can be assigned to proforma invoices (i.e., invoice previews).
  • A service order counter can be assigned to service orders, including reservations and service product orders. Note: You can only have one service order counter, so you can't create a new one—you can only edit the default service order counter.

Note: Once a bill or invoice has been closed, the counter cannot be modified (because the closed bill or invoice is a legal tax document).

Create a counter

One of each counter type is created by default with your property, but you can set up custom counters for your bills, invoices, and proformas so that each one has its own unique number.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Property.
  2. Click on Counters.
  3. Click the + button.
  4. Choose the type of counter you want to create.
  5. Complete the fields.
  6. Click Create.

Need more help? Check out our in-depth explanation of fields below

Managing counters

After you create a counter, you can:

  • Make the counter the default counter for its type, so it's automatically applied when a bill or invoice is created
  • Reset the counter value
  • Update the settings
  • Delete the counter

Counters can only be reset to 1, so if you want your counters to start from a different number you must create a new counter and set it as your default. However, we don't recommend resetting your counters, as it could result in duplicate bill numbers.

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