After a bill has been closed or an invoice has been issued, you can:

  • Send a copy to the customer's email

  • Download it as an Excel file

  • Print a copy of the bill or invoice

  • Create a rebate if you need to correct the bill

  • Reassign the bill to a company (if it's currently assigned to a customer) or a customer (if it's currently assigned to a company)

Note: You can't create bills or invoices with a date in the past, or change their date—if you need to, you'll have to use an external accounting system.

Find the bill or invoice

To find a closed bill or invoice, you can:

Find it in the Bills and Invoices Report

  1. Go to Main menu > Finance > Bills and invoices.

  2. Filter the report by: Closed date for bills. Due date or paid date for invoices.

  3. Click OK > View report.

Search for the bill or invoice with the unique number assigned to it.

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