Only properties using the Mews Payments gateway can send payment requests.

Sending a payment request is a friendly and efficient way to remind customers that they owe you money. After they receive the payment request email, they'll be able to pay instantly with their card.

  1. Open the customer's profile.

  2. Go to the Payments tab.

  3. In the Payment requests section, click + Payment request.

  4. Fill in the relevant fields and click Create.

Receiving payments

From their email, customers can instantly pay requests using a payment card.

🎉 If the payment is successful:

If an automatic settlement is enabled, you have to close the bill with the requested payment to avoid a double charge.

If you use a payment request to collect prepayment, you may need to use deposits to balance the prepayment.

What if...

👀 Payment fails: The customer can retry the payment until the request expires.

🚫 You cancel the payment: The customer can no longer attempt to pay.

⚠️ Payment request expires: The customer can no longer attempt to pay. A task is created in Commander, reminding you to follow up with the customer.

View all your payment requests

  1. Go to Main menu > Finance > Payment report.

  2. Filter the report: Under Filter, select Payment requests. Under Status, select the current state of payment requests you want to see. For example, to view only expired payment requests, only select Expired. To view all payment requests, Select all statuses.

  3. Click OK >View report.

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