If a customer wants to pay with a different card than the one attached to their profile, or if they don't already have a card attached to their profile, you can manually add their payment card info in Mews Operations.

  1. Open the customer's profile. To easily find a customer's profile, search for their name.

  2. Go to the Payments tab.

  3. In the Credit cards section, click + Payment card.

Card will be charged online via payment gateway

If you’re using Mews Payments or a payment gateway integration, you can charge cards in Mews Operations at the click of a button, without ever needing to use a terminal.

  1. In the Merchant / Online tab, enter all payment card details.

  2. Click Create.

Note: After you create a card in Mews Operations, it will be assigned an "Identifier"—this indicates that the card has been verified by the bank and can be charged in Mews Operations.

Card will be charged physically via terminal

If you want to charge the card on-site via a payment terminal, you only need to add enough card details to track the payments (since you won’t be able to actually take payments in Mews Operations).

  1. In the Terminal tab, enter all payment card details.

  2. Click Create.

Note: Mews doesn't store or have access to the full card number. For security reasons, we only store the last four digits of the card.

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