A customer can be a booker (someone who makes a reservation for someone else) or a guest (someone staying at your property).

Note: If your property is part of a chain, customer profiles created for your property account will be shared with all of the other properties in the chain (and vice versa).

Create a customer profile

Most customer profiles are automatically created in Commander when a reservation is pushed to the system through your channel manager, but it’s also possible to manually create a customer profile. There are multiple ways to create a customer profile:

  • Go to Main menu > Profiles > Customer.

  • Add them to a reservation while you create it.

  • Add them to a pre-existing reservation.

  • Search for their last name, and then click New customer.

Start creating a new profile with one of the methods above, and then:

  1. Complete all relevant fields. Only the customer’s last name is required, but we recommend completing their profile as much as possible.

  2. Click Create. When the customer’s profile has been successfully created, you can add even more information to their profile.

Need more help? Check out our in-depth explanation of fields below:

Tip: Scan a customer's identity documents when you create their profile by clicking the Mews identity scanner icon. With this built-in device, you can use your camera to scan any travel document that has a Machine Readable Zone.

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