Import a blank rooming list from any group reservation, then send it to guests and import it back into Mews Operations so you can:

  • Import guest info straight into customer profiles.

  • Automatically apply guests' rooming preferences.

Step 1: Download the template

  1. Find a group reservation (either by searching, or clicking it in the timeline).

  2. Go to the Group tab.

  3. In the Rooming list section, click Download. A download will start—it's an Excel file that is prefilled with the details of the reservation owner.

Note: Make sure you don't make any changes to the reservation between downloading the template and importing it back into Mews.

Step 2: Fill in the template

Next, you should send the template to someone from the group reservation. When it's sent back to you, make sure it's completed according to the specifications:

  • Don't edit anything in columns A-F; these are prefilled.

  • Each row contains one guest's details.

  • If the Customer identification column is empty, the Email address field will determine the customer profile used. If the email address matches a customer profile in Mews Operations, that customer will be assigned the space. If the email address doesn't match a customer profile in Mews Operations, a new customer profile will be created with the details on the sheet.

Need more help? Check out our in-depth explanation of fields in this template.

Step 3: Upload the file to Mews Operations

  1. Find the reservation.

  2. Go to the Group tab, and find the Rooming list section.

  3. Click Choose file, then find the updated rooming list and click Ok.

  4. Click Upload. The reservation will be updated in Mews Operations.

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