Connected reservations are automatically grouped together and assigned a “group name” for easy reference.

If you have connected reservations that haven’t been grouped together already or if you want to add reservations to an existing group, you can manually group them in Mews Operations.

Step 1: Find the reservation you want to add

Every reservation—even individual, ungrouped reservations—is assigned a group name in Mews Operations. Find the group name of the reservation that you want to add to an existing group.

  1. Open the reservation.

  2. Find the group name in the reservation details and copy it.

Step 2: Add the reservation to the group

  1. Open the existing group reservation that you want to add to. You can also add two ungrouped reservations together to create a group.

  2. Go to the Group tab.

  3. Under Merge group, enter the group name that you copied in Step 1.

  4. Click Merge.

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