1. Open the reservation you want to check in.

2. Go to the Status tab.
- If a reservation is part of a group and you want to check in multiple reservations at once, make sure all of the reservations you want to check in are selected on the right side of the screen.

3. Find the Spaces section.
- If the assigned space has been inspected, you can check in the reservation.

4. Decide whether you want to create keys (if you don't, you can always create them after the guest has checked in).

Check in without creating keys

4. Click Check in to check in without creating keys.

Check in and create keys

4. Decide whether you want to create the same number of keys as guests in the reservation.

-If you want the same number, click Check in and create keys.

-If you want a different number, choose the number of keys you want to create under Key count, click Create keys, then click Check in.

Need help?

The space hasn't been inspected

If it’s not possible to get the space quickly inspected, you can move the guests to a different space.

There's an error when I try to create the keys

If you're having trouble creating a key, go to the Device Commands Queue for more info about what went wrong.

I want to create duplicate keys

If you need to create duplicate keys for guests arriving at different times, you can set up your door lock integration to allow it.

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