Before a reservation is checked in (and during the editable history window), it can be canceled. When the editable history window has ended, the reservation can no longer be canceled

Note: Canceling a reservation is permanent. If you want to undo a cancellation, you'll have to re-create the reservation.

  1. Open the reservation you want to cancel.

  2. Go to the Status tab. If the reservation is part of a group, select all of the reservations you want to cancel on the right side of the screen (to cancel them simultaneously). Make sure that only the reservations you want to cancel are selected since cancellation can't be undone.

  3. Find the Cancellation section.

  4. Select the reason for the cancellation and enter any relevant details.

  5. Choose whether or not you want to: Apply the cancellation fee. Send a cancellation confirmation email to the guest.

  6. Click OK.

Note: If you cancel a reservation with a closed bill, a rebate is automatically created to cancel out the bill. After cancellation, the consumption date of bill items is set to the date and time that the items were rebated.

Note: You can't cancel a reservation that is currently in house. If a guest needs to leave early, shorten the reservation and proceed with the check-out process.

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