You can manually create reservations in Commander.

Step 1: Choose when and where they'll stay

In this step, you can choose when and where the reservation will be.

1. Click the + button on the Dashboard header.

2. If your property is part of a multi-property chain, you can select the property or city where the guest wants to stay (under Location). If you select a city, you can search for properties that have specific space features.

3. Select the dates that the guest wants to stay at your property.
- If you selected a city (with multiple properties) in the previous step, you'll need to select a property from the Availability section before continuing to the next step.

Step 2: Add reservations to your cart

In this step, you can view your availability and add reservations to your cart.

1. Under Options, enter the customer's name to find or create their profile in Commander. You can also connect the reservation to a booker, travel agency, company, voucher, or segment. Selecting a travel agency, company, voucher, or segment can affect which rates will be available for booking the reservation. If the customer wants to order additional products with their stay (such as breakfast), you can add the products; learn more about adding products when you make a new reservation.

2. Under Availability, select the type of space the customer wants to reserve. After you select the space type, you can view your availability per space category.

3. Under the desired space category, select how many spaces the customer wants to reserve and the number of children/adults staying in each room.

4. Select the rate you want to charge per night.

  • Rates are sorted by rate group; find the rate group you want, and then select the rate from the drop-down menu.
  • The cheapest rate per space category is highlighted in bold.

5. Click the + button next to the rate to add the reservation to your cart.

  • If the + button is gray, a restriction is preventing you from adding the reservation to your cart. Click on the “Restricted” link next to the gray + button to go directly to your restrictions, find out which ones are blocking you, and change them if necessary

6. Repeat steps 1-5 if you're creating multiple reservations.

  • After you add a reservation to your cart, you can change some of the details in the Options section before adding another reservation. For example, if you created a reservation with a product called "Breakfast," deselect the product before you add another reservation to your cart (if you don't want breakfast included).

7. When you've added every reservation to your cart, click Next.

Step 3: Add the final details

In this step, you can add any final details and create the reservation(s).

1. If you didn't connect the reservation to a customer profile in the previous step, enter the customer's name to find or create their profile in Commander.

  • You can also enter the booker's name if someone is booking on the guest's behalf.

2. Enter the origin of the reservation.

3. Enter all other reservation details.

  • You can choose whether the reservation is confirmed, optional, or inquired. If the reservation is optional or inquired, set up a date that will be released if it hasn't been confirmed.
  • You can also choose whether or not to send a confirmation (if it's confirmed) or quotation (if it's optional or inquired) email to the customer; if you choose to send the email, select which language it should be sent in.

4. Check that the reservations are correct (you can go back to the previous steps to make changes, or update the number of reservations from the cart).

5. Click Book now.

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