Override the prices in a rate for specific dates, days of the week, and space categories so you can precisely manage your revenue.

Note: If you update the base price for a specific date, the price of every single space category will also be affected.

  1. Go to the Pricing tab of the rate.

  2. Click on the cell you want to override the price of. Tip: If it’s far in the future, you don’t have to find the correct cell—you can change the date once you’ve clicked a cell.

  3. Under Start and End, choose the dates you want the price override to apply to.

  4. Under Override, enter the new price for the space category. The overridden price won’t be blocked by restrictions, so make sure you check which restrictions you have in place for these dates before applying the override.

  5. Choose which days of the week you want to be included in the override.

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