Upsell tools help you increase your revenue by recommending additional products or space upgrades to guests. When an upsell system is integrated with your PMS, it uses reservation details to craft customized emails—only upselling products relevant to that guest.

What upsell integration does?

Upsell integrations send targeted emails to guests, suggesting additional products or space upgrades before they check-in. Using reservation details (such as segments or reservation type) to personalize the emails, an upsell integration ensures that every upsell attempt is uniquely tailored to the reservation.

In the integration settings, you can customize how the emails are written, which products are on offer, and when the emails will be sent.

How does it work with Mews?

  1. In the upsell tool, set when upsell emails will automatically be sent to guests (for example, 24 hours before check-in).

  2. At the selected time, the upsell integration pulls reservation information from Commander.

  3. The integration checks the reservation for space types and pre-ordered products, so it can assess which offers are applicable to the customer (for example, it won't send breakfast offers to customers who have already ordered it).

  4. A personalized email is sent to the customer suggesting additional products, offers, or space upgrades.

  5. The customer receives the email and purchases breakfast for their upcoming stay.

  6. An email notification is sent to the responsible employee.

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