Connect your printer to Mews Operations to print reports, registration cards, and more.

System requirements

To use the printer integration, you'll need to have Mews Open API installed on a computer at your property. If it has not already been installed at your property, please see our guide for instructions on how to install Mews Open API.

Step 1: Set up the integration

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  2. In the Facility management section, find the Printer integration and click See more.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Update the name of the integration, if necessary, and click Create.
    - When the integration has been successfully connected, you'll be redirected to the My subscriptions tab.

  5. In your list of active integrations, find the Printer integration and click Settings.

Step 2: Connect your printer

1. In the Printer integration, click Printers.

2. Click +.

3. Under Printer name, enter the exact make and model name of the printer, as it is found in the settings of your computer (e.g. "MEWS-OKI").
- If your printer is located on another server, it will appear in your settings in the following format: MEWS-OKI on Utma-dc-srv-08. If it is listed this way, you must use the following format when completing this field: \\Utma-dc-srv-08\MEWS-OKI.



4. Leave the Driver name and Port name fields empty.

5. Click Create.

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