SnapShot is an analytics tool which collects your data and organizes it into dashboards—so you can have a clear, easy to analyze overview of your property’s data.

Step 1: Create the integration in Mews Operations

  1. Open Mews Operations.

  2. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  3. In the Business intelligence section, find the SnapShot integration and click See more.
    - You’ll see a success message—note down the URL for their sign-up page, you’ll need it later.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Copy the URL from the success message, and enter it in the URL bar in your browser.

  6. Register your property with SnapShot.
    - The SnapShot customer success team will help you to complete your setup.

Step 2: Export the manager report

Before SnapShot can generate your dashboards, they’ll need you to generate the Manager report for them. The SnapShot customer success team will be in touch to suggest a time and date for you to generate the report—use the following steps to ensure the report matches their specifications:

  1. Go to Main menu > Finance > Manager report.

  2. Use the following filters:
    - Under Mode, select Day.
    - Under Start, choose the first day of the previous month (for example, if the current day is May 17th, you should choose April 1st).
    - Under End, choose the last day of the next month (for example, if the current day is May 17th, you should choose June 30th).
    - Under Group by, select Accounting category classification.
    - Under Status, choose Confirmed.
    - Under Values, choose Net.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Export.

  5. Send the report to Snapshot.
    - They’ll validate the data from the report and create your dashboards for you.

If SnapShot has any issues, they’ll be in touch directly. If you need further assistance with the integration, contact [email protected] for assistance.

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