Zapier lets you connect Mews to 1,500+ other web services. Automated connections (called "Zaps") can be set up in minutes with no coding. You can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between Mews and other apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Each Zap has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more Actions in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.

Note: To get started with Zapier, sign up for a free Zapier account. From there, you can jump right in!

Step 1: Set up the Zapier integration

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  2. In the Integration management section, click See more under the Zapier integration.

  3. Click Connect.When the integration has been successfully connected, you'll be redirected to the My subscriptions tab.

  4. In your list of active integrations, find Zapier and click Settings.

  5. Click the Key icon, and make note of your access token (you'll need this in Step 2).

Step 2: Connect Mews to Zapier

  1. Log in to your Zapier account if you have one. If not, create a new account.

  2. Go to the Connected accounts tab.

  3. Search for "Mews," and select the Mews app from the list.

  4. In the pop-up window, complete the following fields: Under Access token, enter the access token you found in Step 1. Under Platform address, select the Mews Operations environment you want to use Zapier with (either demo or production). We recommend that you use demo to test your Zaps before connecting to your production environment.

  5. Click Yes, continue.

Getting to know Zapier

Once you're connected, we recommend that you also add the Zapier integration to your demo property; it's the easiest way to get acquainted with Zapier, and you can practice before using it in your live property.

Useful resources

If you don't see the Zapier integration you want: request it on our feedback platform (or if the idea has already been submitted, upvote it).

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