Registrierkasse is a virtual cashier integration required by law for all Austrian properties. It attaches a QR code to all bills paid for by cash or card, which the ministry of finance can scan to track payments. You can't connect to the Registrierkasse integration—Mews will do it for you when you get started with Commander.

Using the integration

When Mews sets up your Registrierkasse integration, we'll also set up your bill counters. Different counters need to be used to close bills depending on the payment method.

  • Your Registrierkasse counter should be used to close bills that are settled with cash or a card.

  • Your default counter should be used to close bills that are settled with any other payment method.

Choose the counter when you close a bill.

How it works

As soon as you close a bill that is paid for by cash or card, a QR code will be generated and attached to the bill — this is so the Finanzamt (the Austrian Ministry of Finance) can track payments for fraud prevention purposes.

The integration generates two types of record:

  • Monatbelegs are monthly summaries of your bills, generated on the last day of every month.

  • Jahresbelegs are annual summaries of your bills, generated on the 31st of December (including December's monatbeleg).

To find the Jahresbeleg, please navigate to Main Menu > Finance > Fiscal record report. Choose dates from DEC 31, 10:00 PM to JAN 1, 02:00 AM since the report is in UTC time.

Find a Fiscal record generated around midnight UTC time You will be able to recognize it's the Jahresbeleg as the Bill field will be empty. Click on the number of the record and you will find the QR code.

We recommend that you download the .ZIP file of your Jahresbeleg and either store it, or send it to your tax consultant in case of future audits. To access your Belegs:

  1. Go to Main menu > Finance > Fiscal record report.

  2. Click on the Beleg you want to download.
    - Your Monatbelegs and Jahresbelegs will be the only records listed in the report with a blank space in the Number column.

  3. To download the ZIP version of your Jahresbeleg, click OK.
    - The ZIP file will be split into three folders — the only folder the Finanzamt will need is called "dep-export.json".

Closing a bill with multiple payment methods

QR codes are only attached to bills that are settled with cash or a card — with Registrierkasse, it's not possible to have both on one bill (for example, card payment and cash, or wire transfer).

You can see an example below:

Step 1: Create negative and positive accommodation items

You can't close a bill with different payment methods, so you'll need to create 2 accommodation items that will help you to close the bills with different payment types in each.

  1. Open the customer's profile.

  2. Go to the Billing tab.

  3. Click + Add product, then Accommodation.

  4. Under Amount, enter the amount that matches one of the payment types.
    Ex. In our case 200

  5. Click + Bill item, then Accommodation.

  6. Under Amount, enter the amount that matches one payment type in negative
    Ex. In our case -200

Step 2: Move an accommodation item to another Bill Preview

  1. Select one payment and a positive Accommodation item.

  2. Click on Move selected items and Move to New Bill.

  3. Now when you have this Bill balanced out, you can close it.

Step 3: Close a bill

Now when you only have one type of payment and a negative Accommodation item to mimic another payment type, the bill is balanced and can be closed.

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