The Basel police integration creates two reports for the Hotelkontrolle Basel.

Step 1: Set up the integration

Reports are created per property account in Commander. If you're required by local authorities to create reports per address (rather than one report for your entire enterprise), you should: a) create a Basel police integration for each address, and b) select all of the space categories located at that address when you set up the integration.

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.
  2. In the Legal environment section, click See more under Basel police integration.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Fill in your property’s information.Use the Space category field to choose which space categories will be included in the report—this is useful if you're required to create reports per address; simply select all of the space categories located at one address. If you don't specify space categories, the report will include all of your space categories.In the Recipient emails field, enter the email address you want the export to be sent to. This should be someone at your property who will send the export to the Basel police.If you want the police report to be sent at a specific time each day, enter the amount of time past midnight to send the report in the Daily report execution time field. For example, setting Daily report execution time to 10 minutes will send the report, each day, at 00:10.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Schedule the export

  1. Go to Main menu > Profiles > Customer profiles.
  2. Click OK > Create Basel police integration export schedule.
  3. In the Report configuration section, select the following options:
    - Mode - Select Arrival.
    - Status - Select Checked in.
    - Interval - Select Last day.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Export schedule section, select the following options:
    - Name - Enter a title for the export.
    - Next start - Select the next day.
    - Frequency - Select Daily.
    - Export target - If you prefer to receive the report by email, you can create a mail export target. If you do not select on option for this field, you will receive a notification in Commander when your export has been created.
    - Format - CSV.
    - Options - Select Notify creator about export if you did not select an export target.
  6. Select Enabled.
  7. Click Save.

After you receive this report, you can upload it to the Hotelkontrolle Basel website.

For these reports to be accurate, you must ensure that every guest is attached to a reservation, with a completed companion profile. If a guest created a reservation, and their name is attached to it, they still need to be added to the reservation as a companion.

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