A Mews Booking Engine fee is the contractual rate of commission for using the Mews Booking Engine, which is automatically subtracted from your Stripe or Adyen account. At the beginning of each month, Mews sends an invoice for these fees, which can then be passed on to your accounting team.

Check your Mews Booking Engine invoice

Once you have received your invoice for booking engine fees, follow these steps to check the details:

  1. Go to Main menu > Reservations > Reservation Report.

  2. Select the following filter options; if a filter option is not listed, make no selection:
    - Mode - Select Totals.
    - Filter - Select Overlapping.
    - Start - Select the first day of the month that you wish to check (e.g. January 1st), at 12:00 AM.
    - End- Select the first day of the next month (e.g. February 1st), at 12:00 AM.
    - Options - Select Include additional expenses, Include space charges, and Include products.
    - Values - Select Net value.
    - Origin - Select Distributor.

  3. Click OK > View report.

  4. In the Reported in selected interval section, find the total amount for the month under Total amount > All.
    - To find the total amount paid in commission, multiply this number by the percentage of commission listed in your Mews contract.

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