We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the automatic charging availability in Mews Merchant. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, we saw unprecedented cancellations and chargebacks across all regions. To protect your business and ours, we made the decision to halt all automatic payments on Mews Merchant until this wave of cancellations subsided. We’ve seen some very positive upward trends over the last few weeks. Countries are opening up and in turn, reservations are increasing. Given the intense focus on contact-free guest experiences, we will be turning back on all automatic charging done by the Mews Merchant effective Monday 1 June, 2020, 09:00 AM CET.

Some additional recommendations:

  • Contact-free is the new normal: To further help you adhere to government guidelines surrounding social distancing, the Mews development team has been doubling down to deliver new functionality so all guests can be offered a contact-free experience during their stay. This can be achieved effortlessly by combining payment automation, online check-in, mews kiosk, terminals and online check-out. Stay tuned for our contact-free check-list to make sure your property is utilising all of the functionality available in Mews.
  • Remain focused: While we are seeing positive trends in many countries as lockdown guidelines are eased and borders reopen, it’s important to offer flexibility to your guests in terms of cancellation and no show policies, and to limit the use of Non Refundable rates, especially with unclear cancellation policies. Additionally, communication with guests pre and post-stay will help to ensure a level of comfort that you’re offering a contact-free, safe experience.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing a chargeback protection reserve to help reduce risk in the event that we see travel restrictions returning and there is a surge of cancellations. The level will be based on your property’s profile, payment volumes, cancellation terms, chargeback history and booking windows.

If you have any questions, our customer care team will be happy to assist you 24/7.

Stay safe!

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