Online check-out allows guests to choose their own time and manner of departure. Guests can check out earlier than their set departure time, leading to more early check-in upsell opportunities.

Note: Online check-out is not yet available in Italy or Portugal.

What do you need to do?

Set up online check-out one of two ways:

  • Automatic: Reservations checked out online are automatically checked out of Mews Operations at their chosen time.

  • Manual: Reservations checked out online need to be manually checked out in Mews Operations by your staff.

Once it's set up, reservations that have checked out online will be highlighted in green.

Who can check out online?

Currently, online check-out is only available for non-corporate reservations (no attached company or company bill) from the following sources:


  • Hostelworld

  • Direct or Booking Engine

How does it work?

To see the guest's journey in action, watch our video.

If online check-out is available for the reservation:

1. We send the check-out invitation email at 5 pm local time 1 day before departure to the reservation owner.
- This email can be partially customized.

2. The guest follows the link to Online Guest Services to start online check-out:
- If their bill is open and/or unbalanced: The guest is asked to review their bill.
- If their bill is closed: There's no bill to review and the guest continues to the next step.

3. If you allow guests to claim and pay for consumed items before they check out, they'll have the opportunity to do so at the bottom of the "Review your bill" screen:

The next screen shows Minibar items along with the service charge in the Review your bill screen.

4. The guest closes their bill and/or chooses their departure time:
- If their bill is unbalanced: They pay the bill, it closes automatically, then they choose their departure time. However, if the guest is using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) with a remaining balance, they will be unable to complete online check-out and are asked to contact reception.
- If their bill is balanced but open: They close the bill, and then they choose their departure time.
- If their bill is closed: They only choose their departure time.

Guests can update their billing address before they close the bill.

Currently, guests can't split bills in Online Guest Services.

Important note for Spanish properties: If your property has set up and enabled the Spanish fiscal registry integration, online check-out will require the necessary details from guests for bills over 400 EUR (tax identifier for locals, ID number and issuing country for foreign guests). Otherwise, guests will be able to close bills over 400 EUR on their own, without supplying those details.

5. Online check-out is complete and the guest sees your custom instructions.

What about preauthorizations?

Guests that check out online won't be able to use preauthorizations to balance their bills. Instead, if there's a remaining balance, guests will be asked to pay with their own card. To use online check-out effectively with preauthorizations, we suggest the following:

  1. Keep online check-out enabled.

  2. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  3. Select a Bookable service, then open Options.

  4. Scroll down to find Visit options, then disable the Enable automatic check-out (for online check-outs) option. (Online check-out reservations will no longer be automatically checked out from the system.)

  5. Then, in the future, navigate to Main menu > Reservations > Check-out report. Under Reservations available for check-out, look for reservations checked-out online, then directly access those guest profiles to process/cancel a preauthorization.

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