When setting up your Mews kiosk, you can add a video that shows guests how to create their keys.

Step 1: Download or create the video

You can create your own instructional video, or—if you use Hotek, Kaba Saflok, Messerschmitt, or Salto—you can use a video we created. We always recommend creating your own video because it will show the actual, physical setup of your Mews Kiosk and key encoder.

Create your video

If you choose to create your own video, be aware that Mews Kiosks only support MP4 videos (.mp4) encoded with one of the following codecs:

  • H.263

  • H.264 AVC Baseline Profile

  • H.264 AVC Main Profile

  • H.265 HEVC

You can encode the video with a free, online converter like CloudConvert.

Note: If there is a problem playing the video in Mews Kiosk, re-encode the file using a different codec.

Use a video created by Mews

We've created a few videos for the most popular door lock solutions. When you find yours, click on it to download the video:

Step 2: Host the video

Your video needs to be hosted on the internet before it can appear on your kiosk. You can host the video on your own website or use a public file-sharing service (like Vimeo). Note: A video-sharing website, like YouTube, isn't suitable.

Once you've hosted the video, you can add a link to it when you configure your Mews kiosk (in the Cut key video URL field).

Tip: Make sure it's a full address that links directly to the MP4 file, like the following: https://example.com/video.mp4

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