Co-Operator mode transforms your Mews Kiosk from a public kiosk into a check-in tablet for employees only.

With Co-Operator, you can check guests in, face-to-face, anywhere in the property — it’s ideal for adding a personal touch to some of your check-ins and a useful tool for managing long lines at reception.

Key features

Arrival list

  • When a tablet is switched to Co-Operator mode, a list of all upcoming arrivals for the day is displayed. You can browse the list or use the search field to find specific guests in no time.

Easy check-ins

  • Fill in a guest’s details manually or scan an identity document to do it automatically, then guests can sign right on the tablet using their fingertip or a stylus.

Mews Operations access

  • If you have a web browser installed on the device, reservations can be opened directly in Mews Operations.

Switching modes

  1. On your Mews Kiosk, tap your property’s logo and hold for five seconds.

  2. Find the Kiosk PIN for the device and enter it.

  3. Select Become Co-Operator and tap OK.
    - To switch back to kiosk mode, you don’t need the PIN. Just tap and hold your property’s logo for five seconds, then select Turn into public kiosk and tap OK.

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