You can calculate the average length of time that guests stay at your property with the Reservation Report.

Step 1: Export the report to Excel

  1. Click Reservation report on the Dashboard, or go to Main menu > Reservations > Reservation report.

  2. Find the Filters menu.

  3. Under Start and End, choose the interval you want to calculate the average length of stay for.

  4. Under Mode, select Totals.

  5. Click OK, then Export.

  6. Download the export file (you'll receive a notification when it's ready to be downloaded).

Step 2: Calculate the average length of stay

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Find the total number of nights and reservations (totals are under All, next to the Nights and Reservations columns).

  3. Divide the number of nights by the number of reservations to find the average length of stay.
    - For example, if you have 100 nights and 25 reservations, 100/25 = 4 so your average length of stay is 4 nights.

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