To view the Customer Profiles Report, click Customer profiles on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Profiles > Customer profiles.


The Customer Profiles Report lists all of your customer profiles and information from them. You can use the report to:

  • See an overview of your customer profiles.

  • Check that your customer profiles are 100% complete.The completion % is calculated differently depending on the information that's legally required in your country. If you have report exports set up, it's important that your Customer Profiles Report is 100% complete or the export could fail—learn more about how to automatically export reports for your local authorities.

  • Generate a Birthday Report by selecting Birthday in house under the Mode filter.

Note: If the Customer Profiles Report is missing a column that's required in your legal environment, contact support.

Reading the report

The Customer Profiles Report includes all of your customer profiles—click on a customer's First name or Last name to open their customer profile. The information listed in the report changes depending on your legal environment (for example, in Spanish properties, the Customer Profiles Report includes a column called Second last name), but typically you'll see the following:

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Space

  • Arrival

  • Departure

  • Segment

  • Nationality

  • Sex

  • Birth date

  • Age

  • Identity card

  • Passport

  • Travel Visa

  • Address

  • Profile completion

Refining the report

Choose which Service to use for the report. Then, use filters to refine the report according to your needs.

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