To view the Accounting Ledger, click Accounting ledger on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Finance > Accounting ledger.

The Accounting Ledger is an overview of all guest profiles with unpaid/unsettled balances on their accounts.

Below, you'll find an overview of each filter and feature that is visible in this report.

Report filters

  • Mode
    - Detailed - See an itemized list including each individual item on customer accounts.
    - Grouped - See only customer totals.

  • Type
    - General - All guest accounts with open balances including receivable payments (i.e. invoices).
    - Guest ledger - All guest accounts with open balances.
    - Receivables - All accounts with open or overdue invoice payments.

  • Date - Select a date to view only results from that date.

  • Group by - Indicate in which order you'd like the report variables to appear:
    - Accounting category - View in order of accounting categories used at your property.
    - Consumption date - View in chronological order starting with the oldest charge until the most recent charge.
    - Customer - View all customers who have open balances, appearing in alphabetical order by last name.
    - Service - View report grouped by services ordered.

  • Tax - Please note that a column for tax rate will be included in the Accounting Ledger export.
    - Included - Include tax in report.
    - Excluded - View only revenue, without tax.

  • Options
    - Highlight open payments - Use this filter to highlight any accounts where an open/unsettled payment is posted. This option is applicable in countries where VAT is paid at the time of settling the bill (Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, etc.). Open bills with full payments, including deposits, should always be closed.

Report columns

  • Grouped by - The information displayed in this column depends on your selection for the Group by filter. In Detailed mode, accounting items are grouped by one of the following options. Click the + button to expand a group and view more details about individual items.
    - Accounting category
    - Consumption date
    - Customer
    - Service

  • Consumed - Date that item was consumed or posted on customer bill. Please note that information in this column will only be displayed when you run the report in Detailed mode.

  • Closed - Date that item was paid for and closed. This column will usually appear blank. Please note that information in this column will only be displayed when you run the report in Detailed mode.

  • Open past revenue - Items that have been consumed, but are still on an open bill. Please note that guests may have already departed from the hotel (i.e. minibar items that are charged late to guest accounts).

  • Unpaid invoices - Invoices that have been issued, but have still not been settled.

  • Open prepayments - Prepayments posted to bills that have not been closed yet.

  • Closed future revenue - Items that have not yet been consumed but have already been paid for and closed on the bill prior to arrival (i.e. a non-refundable accommodation payment for a guest staying in the future). Mews would recommend against closing bills prior to departure date, as you are not able to change details of the booking once a bill is closed.

  • Deposit ledger - An overview of all prepayments (i.e. deposits), which have no consumed revenue posted against them yet.

  • Guest ledger - An overview of all consumed revenue which a) hasn't been paid for, or b) is on a bill which still needs to be closed.

  • General ledger - A total sum of the Deposit Ledger and the Guest Ledger. Positive values represent the total amount of revenue that is due to be paid to the property. Negative values represent any amount that should be paid back to the customer.

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