To view the Payment Card Report, go to Main menu > Finance > Payment card report.

The Payment Card Report shows all payment cards and preauthorizations created in a specific period. This report can help reception to keep an overview of all live preauthorizations of guests who have departed, and to quickly delete these preauthorizations.


  • Start - Select a start date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • End - Select an end date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • Options
    - Display payment cards - to see all payment cards stored in the selected period
    - Display preauthorizations - to see all preauthorizations made in the selected period

  • Origin - Original source of payment
    - Gateway - Charged via the Mews Payments (or Adyen direct account)
    - Manual - Cards/preauthorizations charged manually

  • Type - Select any specific card types that you would like to see or Deselect all to see all results

  • Format - Type of card used
    - Physical - A real payment card that is either physically presented or will be presented by the customer at a later date
    - Virtual - A one-time payment card, often created by OTA's to pay for reservations

  • Preauthorization status - Choose the status of the preauthorizations you want to see listed.
    - Canceled - Preauthorizations that have been canceled.
    - Chargeable - Preauthorizations that are ready to be charged.
    - Charged - Preauthorizations that have already been charged.
    - Expired - Preauthorizations that couldn't be charged because the payment card is expired.
    - Failed - Preauthorizations that couldn't be charged.
    - Pending - Preauthorizations that have been charged, but the charge hasn't been finalized.

Data features

After you have selected the correct filter options, click OK and then View report. Each item will be displayed with the following information:

  • Customer - Name in Mews customer profile where the card is registered

  • Type - Here you'll find a list of all card types that are supported by Mews Operations

  • Number - Card number, displayed with only the last 4 digits. Cards run through Adyen will also include the first 6 digits.

  • Name - Name of card holder. This should be written exactly as it is displayed on the card.

  • Expiration date - Date that the card expires and becomes invalid; if the card has an Expired badge, it can no longer be charged.

  • Format - Physical or virtual, as described above.

  • Identifier - Unique number generated by the payment gateway and used to identify that particular card

  • Created - Date and time that card created in system, plus employee who added that card information

  • Notes - Any additional notes regarding that card. If the card information was received via a third party integration, that will be stated here.

  • Status - If the card has a Disabled badge, it can no longer be charged.

  • Actions - Click the More Options icon to the right of a payment card to open the Actions menu. You can choose from the following actions:
    - Preauthorization - Select to create a new preauthorization for an existing card or select "New payment card" from the drop-down list to add a new card.
    - Payment card payment - Select to make a payment with an existing payment card or select "New payment card" to make a payment with a different card.
    - Disable - Select to disable, but not delete, the card. It will remain under the
    - Payment cards section with a Disabled badge. Once you've disabled a card, it cannot be re-enabled. Please note that only online chargeable cards can be disabled.
    - Delete - Select to delete the card. It will no longer be listed among the customer's payments (in their profile) or the Payment Card Report. Once you've deleted a card, it will have to be manually added again to be charged.

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