To view the Mews Payments Balance report, go to the Main menu > Finance > Merchant balance.

You can use the Mews Payments Balance report to check the balance of your payment gateway accounts and track transactions (for example, Mews Payments fees).

Chargeback reserve

Chargeback reserves aren't available everywhere yet, so don't worry if you can’t check yours—we're rolling the feature out country-by-country.

The chargeback reserve is money that's held to one side to ensure that you can promptly and successfully pay off future chargebacks, regardless of any potential disruption you may face (for example, an event that results in an increased volume of chargebacks).

We calculate the reserve amount on a property-by-property basis, so different properties in the same chain will have different reserve amounts. To calculate your chargeback reserve amount we find your chargeback ratio (the % of payments that were charged back) for your recent transactions, and adjust it to reflect global financial risk levels. This is recalculated and adjusted every 7 days.

  • Chargeback reserve is the amount of money held in reserve in case of upcoming chargebacks.

  • Available Balance shows the balance that is available on your payment gateway account, excluding your chargeback reserve.

  • Total Balance shows the total balance of your payment gateway accounts, including your chargeback reserve.

Note: If you don't have the breakdown as shown on the screenshot above, then there is no reserve is being held.


You can refine which transactions you see with the following filters:

  • Start - Select a start date and time to restrict results to a specific time period.

  • End - Select an end date and time to restrict results to a specific time period.

  • Integration - Restrict results to transactions made through a specific payment gateway integration.

  • Currency - Select a currency to only view transactions made in that currency.

  • Type - Select the types of Mews Payments transactions you want to see.
    - Charge - A card payment made by a customer to your Mews Payments account.
    - Mews Payments commission - The amount of Mews Payments commission you pay for a charge (this will always be paired with a charge).
    - Payout - Money transferred from your Mews Payments account to your bank account (represented as a negative value on the balance sheet).
    - Platform fee - Money is withdrawn from your Mews Payments account for your monthly Mews payment.
    - Commission adjustment - We charge a commission based on an estimate from the previous month, then adjust it to match your actual payments: select this to see those adjustments. Learn more about commission adjustments.


Each Mews Payments transaction is listed with the following information:

  • Type - The type of transaction (Charge, Mews Payments commission, Payout, or Platform fee). You can click on any payout to see the platform fees, charges, and Mews Payments commissions that make it up.

  • Identifier - Information to help you identify the transaction; this will be different for each transaction type:
    - Charge - Card payment or refund, the card type, the last 4 digits of the card number, and a note describing the transaction.
    - Mews Payments commission - The Mews Payments commission identifier always matches the identifier of the charge that the commission is attached to.
    - Payout - The settlement ID assigned to payment by your payment gateway and listed in your bank account statement.
    - Platform fees - The subscription number, description, interval, and invoice number of your platform fee.

  • Created (UTC) - The time and date that the transaction was created.

  • Amount - The transaction amount.

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