To view the Space Status Report, click Space status on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Operations > Space status.

The Space Status Report can be used by housekeepers and managers to easily track the housekeeping status of all the spaces at your property. A quick visual overview of this report is always visible on the Mews Dashboard.

Below, you will find a detailed description of all features and filters available on the Space Status Report.

Housekeeping assignment

Within the report header, on the right-hand side, you will find the hand icon, representing one of the most important features available with this report:

  • Hand icon - This icon will allow you to assign spaces in any space type, status, and floor between the housekeepers that are currently working at your property.

When you click on the Hand icon, you will be redirected to the assignment form, where you will see the following options:

Filter spaces

  • Space types - Select which space type you'd like to assign employees to. Please note that Bed will automatically be deselected because it can complicate assignments if one employee is assigned to a bed and a different employee is assigned to the space containing the bed.

  • Status - Selected employees will only be assigned to this particular space status.
    - Clean - Assign employees to clean spaces that need to be inspected.
    - Dirty - Assign employees to dirty spaces that need to be cleaned and inspected.
    - Inspected - Assign employees to already inspected spaces, if needed.
    - Out of order - Assign employees to spaces that need major repair.
    - Out of service - Assign employee to spaces that need minor repair.

  • Floor - Select the floor you´d like to assign an employee to.

Assign filtered spaces

  • Assignee - Select which employee you'd like to assign to certain spaces. Please note that each space can only be assigned to one person.

  • Spaces - Select the spaces you´d like to assign to selected employee in the Assignee field

Note: Placing a space Out of Service will not reduce your availability or affect RevPar, but placing a space Out of Order will.

Click the OK button when all of the selected options are correct and wait for the green success message.

Once you will have assigned all the employees to space you can navigate back to the Space status report. The Group by filter will automatically be pre-filled with 'Assignee' and you will see each employee next to a list of all spaces that they are responsible for cleaning.


At the top of the report there are several options you can select to narrow down the report:

  • Service - Select which service you would like to see the report for

  • Date - Select a date to restrict results to that day. The date field with automatically be pre-filled with today's date.

  • Group by
    - Assignee - Group spaces by assigned employee
    - Category - Group spaces by space category (you must also select a service)
    - Floor - Group spaces by floor number
    - Status - Group spaces by current status

  • Options - Select any of the following options to include them in the report
    - Display customer notes - Notes from a customer's profile
    - Display products - Stay products that a customer has ordered
    - Display reservation notes - Notes from a reservation

  • Filter - Restrict space results by the type or status of reservation.
    - Arrived - Reservations that have already arrived and completed check-in
    - Arrived or arriving - Reservations that have already arrived that day or will be arriving later that day
    - Arriving - Reservations that will be arriving at some point during the selected date
    - Departed - Reservations that have already completed check-out and departed on that day
    - Departed and arriving - Groups that have already departed with another group arriving the same day in the same space
    - Departed or departing - Those that have already completed check-out and departed and those who will be departing that day
    - Departing - Reservations that will be departing at some point during that selected date, but have not done so yet
    - Departing and arriving - When a group will be departing that day with another group arriving that day in the same space
    - House use - Reservations booked for a member of the hotel staff or being used for a property-related event
    - No arrival nor stay over - Any booking that is not arriving that day nor staying over after having already arrived previously
    - No departure nor stay over - Any booking that is not leaving that day nor staying over after having already arrived previously
    - Out of order - Any space that is blocked from being reserved and taken from inventory because of need for repair or any other reason that would prevent guests from staying in that space
    - Stay over - Any booking of that is staying overnight and has neither arrived that day nor will be departing that day
    - Used - Any space currently being used or that will be used later that day. You'll also see spaces marked Out of Order.
    - Vacant - Any space that is not occupied
    - Vacant or departed - Any space that is not occupied or has had a guest that departed from that space earlier in the day

  • Assignee - Select an employee from the menu to restrict results by spaces assigned to that employee.

  • Status - Restrict space results by housekeeping status.
    - Clean
    - Dirty
    - Inspected
    - Out of order
    - Out of service

  • Floor - Restrict space results by a specific floor.

  • Space category - Restrict space results by space category.


The Space Status Report is organized, by default, as a list of each space within your property ordered by Floor (including spaces, beds, apartments, etc.). Use the Group by filter to change the organization of the report and customize the way that you view your results.

Each space number is followed by a drop-down menu, where you can instantly change the status of any space.

The primary feature is the real-time representation of current and upcoming reservations, with the vertical dotted line representing the current time.

Each reservation is displayed with the following information:

  • Date or time of arrival - If arrival is on the same day, time will be displayed, but if arrival is on a different day, the date will be displayed.

  • Number of companions - number of guests expected for reservation

  • Customer name - Click on the name of the customer to be taken directly to their customer profile.

  • Internals - Any internal indicator icons will be displayed next to the customer's name

  • Date or time of departure - If a departure is on the same day, time will be displayed, but if departure is on a different day, the date will be displayed.

Using the filters, you can also choose to include:

  • Customer notes - Any additional notes or information on the customer's profile

  • Products - Any products that were included with reservation or added by customer and the quantity of each

  • Reservation notes - Any additional notes or information about that reservation

House use reservations and Out of Order blocks will be displayed with the following details:

  • Start date or time - If start is on the same day, time will be displayed, but if start is on a different day, date will be displayed.

  • Name - Name entered at time of creation. This should be a short description of the problem or reason for reservation.

  • End date or time - If end is on the same day, time will be displayed, but if end is on a different day, date will be displayed.

Furthermore, upcoming events will be displayed with a lightning icon, indicating that guests will be arriving soon and all final arrangements should be completed urgently.

Out of order

Placing a space Out of Order is a serious decision that should only be made by a supervisor. Out of Order spaces are taken out of the central inventory and cannot be sold during the selected period of time, thereby reducing your availability and affecting your RevPar. Staff should always avoid using this status unless there is no other option.

Set space status to out of order

Click on the number of the space that you want to place Out of Order, then click the Out of order button. You will be redirected to another screen to complete the following fields:

  • Block name - Enter a short description of the problem.

  • Assigned space - This will be pre-selected with the space number you clicked on. You can also select a different space from the drop-down menu.

  • Start - Select the date and time that the OOO block should begin.

  • End - Select the date and time that the OOO block should end and the space will be back in working order. Space status will automatically change to Dirty at this selected end time.

  • Notes - It is important to include the reason why the space has been placed Out of Order to keep your staff informed. You may also include any other additional notes regarding the issue.

Click the Create button. Details about the block will now be listed on the space properties screen. You can edit any of this information by click on the name of the block.

Please note that if a parent space is placed Out of Order, all child spaces within it will also be placed Out of Order for the same block of time.


Within your Stay settings, properties may choose to enable automatic space status changes for housekeeping's convenience. To view your stay service settings, go to Main menu > Settings > Services > Bookable services.

Under General settings, go to Options. Under the Visit options field, you can enable any of the following options related to space status:

  • Change inspected to clean overnight – Vacant spaces that have been inspected will automatically change to Clean between 04:00-05:00 every morning. If this option is not selected, space status will remain the same for seven days before automatically being changed to Dirty.

  • Check-in makes room dirty – Space status will automatically change to Dirty when the customer is checked in.

  • Check-out makes room dirty - Space status will automatically change to Dirty when the customer is checked out.

Housekeeping interval

In General settings, use the Housekeeping interval field to automatically set the status of a space from Clean to Dirty after a specified amount of days. .

For example, if the field is set to two days, the space will automatically be changed to Dirty after two days. Each unit represents a period of 24 hours, with automatic changes occurring between 04:00-05:00.

Note: A maximum of seven days can be set—the space status will then be automatically changed to Dirtydue to regulations for the prevention of a Legionella outbreak.

Automatic changes

House use and out of order

When a space is reserved for House use or placed Out of order, the user must specify both starting and ending date and time, which will appear as a reserved block that is visible from the Timeline. At the date and time that the block ends, space status will automatically change to Dirty.


If a space is vacant and unoccupied for seven consecutive days, the space status will automatically change to Dirty (Reason: Unchanged space (Legionella)) to remind housekeeping that they need to flush all water sources (shower, taps, etc.).


Each night, the system will automatically change the status of all occupied spaces to Dirty.

Assigned space

When moving a checked in reservation from one space to another, the status of both spaces will change to Dirty, and include a note stating Reservation change. Please note that if a reservation is already checked in, it must be shortened and checked out. The property must then create a new reservation for the same customer before they can be moved to another space. Enabling the Check out makes room dirty option in your settings would also be beneficial in this situation.

No shows

In case of no-show reservations and a guest not being checked in, the reservation's assigned space status will no longer change to dirty overnight. This is with the assumption that nobody ever occupied the space and therefore it does not need to be relabeled Dirty.

Note: When a bed within a dorm is included in filtered results, such as departed or departing, the system will show only matching beds, even if the space as a whole would not be included in those same results. If there are beds of another status included in that same space, they will not be displayed.

Housekeeping application

For most properties, the average housekeeping shift starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00. Therefore, theoretically, the spaces are cleaned and inspected in the same order. However using this report, you will find that the bulk of spaces are changed to inspected between 15:00 and 16:00.

This means that the housekeepers do not have the tools to easily and quickly communicate when they've finished cleaning a space. This miscommunication often has an adverse effect on guests, as spaces may be cleaned and ready, but guests are still not able to check-in before their official check-in time.

Mews offers a great housekeeping app, both for iOS and Android, offering your housekeeping department a great tool to optimize their speed at which they inspect spaces in the system.

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