To view the Guests in House Report, click Guests in house on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Operations > Guests in house.

The Guests in House Report displays all guests arriving on the selected day and also guests staying at the property for at least one night during the selected interval. This report can be used for emergency purposes, so the default settings will give you a list of all guests currently at your property when you first open this report. Below you'll find a description of all features and filters available in this report.


  • Service - Choose which service you would like to see the report for.

  • Start - Select a start date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • End - Select an end date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • Status - Results will show only bookings in the selected status
    - Checked out - Reservation is checked out and guest has left the property
    - Checked-in - Reservation is checked in and guest is currently staying at property
    - Confirmed - Guest has confirmed their optional reservation
    - Optional - Reservation is still optional and guest has not yet confirmed

  • Display options - Choose which details you would like to display in data results
    - All products - View any products that the customer may want to purchase with their stay

    - Balance - View preauthorizations and balance including preauthorizations in results
    - Car registration number - View car registration number in results
    - Customer notes - View any additional notes in that customer's profile.

    - Products consumed in interval - View per night products that the customer plans to consume in the specified interval, for example, the number of breakfasts
    - Reservation notes - View any additional notes for the reservation.

  • Products - This drop-down menu will include all products available according to your property settings; select the products that you would like to see in the report data

  • Ordering - Choose how you would like your results to be ordered
    - Customer - Order alphabetically by customer's last name
    - Room - Order by room number from lowest to highest

When all of the correct filters have been selected, click OK and View report to see your results.


Within the reservations section, the following data will be displayed in columns, with each line representing one booking:

  • Room - Assigned room number; click on this number to view room properties

  • Customer - Customer who created the reservation; click on this name to view that customer's profile

  • Reservation - Date of arrival - date of departure; click on these dates to view this booking in the reservation module; if you choose to display reservation notes, they will be displayed here

  • Companions - Number of companions in this booking, displayed in quantity x profile icon format; the name of each companion will be listed next to quantity; click on these names to view that customer's profile

The following columns will appear in addition to the ones listed above, based on your filter selections. Individual data will be displayed for each companion:

  • Car registration number - If customer has entered a car registration number, it will be displayed here

  • Notes - All guest profile notes

  • Preauthorizations - If customer has any chargeable preauthorizations, the total chargeable amount will be displayed here

  • Balance including preauthorizations - Column will display the total amount owed, disregarding chargeable preauthorization; if customer has a balance to pay, this amount will be highlighted

Space blocks

In addition to reservation data, you can also view information regarding all space blocks within the selected interval. Space blocks are defined as any house use reservation or any Out of Order block placed on a room. Space blocks behave similarly to a reservation in that spaces are removed from inventory for the duration of the block. Space blocks are displayed with the following items:

  • Name - Provided name of block

  • Type - Either House use or Out of Order
    - House use - Occupied by internal use
    - Out of order - Used to mark rooms in need of repair

  • Room - Space number

  • Start - Date and time that block begins

  • End - Date and time that block ends

  • Notes - Any additional notes provided by staff

Practical use

  • In case of emergencies - view a list of all customers currently at the property

  • Credit check - have a quick overview of all balances of guests in house, compared to the amounts preauthorized

  • Breakfast report - a quick list for the breakfast room, to check if guests have breakfast included

  • Valet parking report - show all cars registration, guest names and room numbers

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