To view the Activity Report, click Activity report on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Operations > Activity report.

The Activity Report is a great tool to analyze the operations of your property. It is a graphical weekly and hourly display to help recognize your busiest operational hotspots.

This graph displays circles, which represent the number of activities that occur within the time period where they are located. Hover over the circles to see the number of activities that are represented in each.

Tracked activities include check-ins, check-outs, reservation creations, and room status changes to either clean or inspected. Select a specific activity to see an overview of who completed the highest number of activities. This is one of many great ways to use this report for improved hotel performance.


  • Filter - Organize results by one of the following types of activity
    - Check in - completed check-ins
    - Check out - completed check-outs
    - Reservation created - Confirmed reservations successfully created
    - Room cleaned - Change of room status to cleaned
    - Room inspected - Change of room status to inspected

  • Start - Select a start date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • End - Select an end date to restrict results to a specific time period

  • Origin - Organize results by the source of activity
    - Channel manager - Activities from Channel manager
    - Mews Operations - Activities from Mews Operations
    - Mews Open API - Activities from Mews Open API
    - Booking engine - Activities from the Mews booking engine
    - Import - Activities from Import
    - Online Guest Services - Activities from Online Guest Services

  • Employee - Use this drop-down list of all your property's employees to select one and see the activities of that individual

It is not possible to see the type of activity that has taken place at each respective time. Even when filtering by a particular employee, the activity type will not be visible.


Operational hotspots

A member of your management team should be available at all busy and critical operational hotspots. Properties may often have a big arrival or departure on the first day of their week, which frequently falls into the weekend when all management is off and therefore unavailable.

These hotspots are a critical time to make or break a customer's experience. Use this report to highlight which days and hours are most active at your property. Create your schedule using this report to ensure management is available, breaks are scheduled outside of these windows and improve your guests' satisfaction by being available when you're most needed.

Booking trends

Often, when guests book at your property, they have already looked at options and availability beforehand, and have now returned to finalize their bookings.

Use this report to check for trends or statistics. Filter your results to see what time or what day of the week your guests are booking your property. If you see a specific trend, use this information to create targeted promotional material.

For example, if you see that a lot of bookings are made on Mondays, you could increase your rates on that evening to drive a little extra revenue.

Housekeeping application

For most properties, the average housekeeping shift starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00. Therefore, theoretically, the rooms are cleaned and inspected in the same order. However using this report, you will find that the bulk of rooms are changed to inspected between 15:00 and 16:00.

This means that the housekeepers do not have the tools to easily and quickly communicate when they've finished cleaning a room. This miscommunication often has an adverse effect on guests, as rooms may be cleaned and ready, but guests are still not able to check-in before their official check-in time.

Mews offers a great housekeeping app, both for iOS and Android, offering your housekeeping department a great tool to optimize their speed at which they inspect rooms in the system.

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