To view the Channel Manager Queue, go to Main menu > Queues > Channel manager.

The Channel Manager Queue shows the status of all system updates sent to your channel manager via Mews Operations.


On this screen, you can filter results by:

  • Client - Select the channel manager that you want to view queue items for.

  • Find - Search the name of an integration to see the queue items connected to it.

  • Origin
    - Manual - Select to view items that were produced manually.
    - System - Select to view items that were produced automatically by the system.

  • Type - Choose a type of channel manager update you want to see listed.
    - Change notification - Changes made in the system, such as changes to rates or space descriptions.
    - Download reservations by IDs - The IDs of reservations that have been downloaded by searching for their ID in your integration.
    - Inventory push - Updated rates and availability.
    - Pull all future reservations - Imported all reservations in the future from the channel manager.
    - Reservation processing - Reservation created in Mews Operations.
    - Reservation synchronization - Reservations synchronized in Mews Operations and the channel manager.

  • Status - Select the item status types you wish to view.
    - Canceled - The update was not processed quickly enough and was automatically canceled by the system.
    - Failed - The update could not be processed.
    - Processing - The update is still being sent to the channel manager.
    - Scheduled - A time has been set for the update to be sent.
    - Success - The update was successfully shared with the channel manager.
    - Waiting - The update has been sent, but no response has been received from the channel manager.
    - Warning - The update was sent, but there were some minor issues (for example, invalid data).

  • Filter
    - Created - Select to sort the items by most recently created.
    - Processed - Select to sort the items by most recently processed.

  • Start - Select a start date to restrict results to a specific time period.

  • End - Select an end date to restrict results to a specific time period.

Select the desired filter options, and click OK to view your changes.


On the Channel Manager Queue screen, queue items are listed with the following details:

  • Type - The type of update being sent to the channel manager.

  • Integration - The connected channel manager integration.

  • Enterprise - The name of the property.

  • Origin - The origin of the item (either manual or system).

  • Created - The date and time that the item was created.

  • Processed - The date and time that the item was processed.

  • Difference - The time difference between when the item was created and when it was processed.

  • Status - The status of the queue item.

If the status of the queue item is Failed, you'll see a More Options icon—click it to choose from the following actions:

  • Delete - Select this option to delete the queue item.

  • Execute - Select this option to process a failed item again. Selecting this option will change the item's Failed badge to a Pending badge.

  • Failed - This option will appear after you select the "Execute" option. Select to relabel the item as Failed.

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