To view the Installations Queue, go to Main menu > Queues > Installations.

The Installation Queue shows the status of all installation items, which are files containing data about reservations, customers, and companies that have been imported to Mews Operations.


You can filter all installation items by:

  • Creator - Select a specific employee at the enterprise to view only items created by that employee.

  • Status - Select the item status types you want to view.
    - Canceled - The installation was not processed quickly enough and was automatically canceled by the system.
    - Failed - The installation failed to execute.
    - Processing - The installation is in process.
    - Scheduled - A time has been set for the installation to begin.
    - Success - The installation was successfully carried out.
    - Timed out - The installation took too long to process and was automatically canceled.
    - Waiting - Not applicable for the Installations Queue.
    - Warning - The installation was carried out, but with some minor issues.

  • Filter - To view items that were created or processed within a specific set of dates, select one of the two options below, and then select the start and end dates.
    - Created
    - Processed

  • Start - Select a start date to restrict results to a specific time period.

  • End - Select an end date to restrict results to a specific time period.

Select the desired filter options, and click OK to view your changes.


In the Installation Queue, items are listed with the following details:

  • Code - A randomly-generated code assigned to the installation item.

  • Enterprise - The name of the property.

  • Creator - The name of the employee who created the item.

  • Created - The date and time that the item was created.

  • Processed - The date and time that the item was processed.

  • Status - The status of the item (Failed, Pending, Success, or Waiting).

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