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Use the Leaderboard to track your performance across several key areas, compare your operations with other Mews properties, and gain insight into areas you could improve on.

How do we calculate your scores?

Scores are based on data from the last month at your property. We give you a score depending on your performance in 9 different areas; these scores are averaged to calculate your general score. Scores are out of 100—the higher your score, the better!


  • Messaging: A score based on how quickly you reply to messages from guests.

  • Social: Your social widget score, based on your reviews on, TripAdvisor, and TrustYou.

  • Self service: The % of check-ins and check-outs that were done online.


  • Integrations: The % of Marketplace categories with 1 integration or more.

  • Task handling: The % of tasks that were completed before the deadline in the last month.

  • Staff turnover: A score based on your staff turnover (the lower the turnover, the higher the score!)


  • Virtual cards: The % of payments made without virtual cards.

  • Mews Payments: The % of payments made through Mews Payments.

  • Chargebacks: The lower the number of chargebacks you receive, the higher your score.

How to improve your score?

  • Self service: Promote contactless online check-in and check-out through personalised communication.
    We have seen a 60% increase of Online check-in in properties who customise or add a personal message to their "before start email", "booking confirmation" and/or "online check-out email".
    To learn more, follow the guide on how to customize your emails

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