If you can not check-out/in a reservation, you may be getting one of the following errors:

A) Cannot complete check-out - close bill

​This means there are still open items in the billing that need to be resolved. You can either resolve them now or select the option 'check-out with the unbalanced bill'.

It may also happen that there is nothing left but the system doesn't allow check out anyways.

In this case, it is likely that there has been a product rule change made in between check-in and check-out of this particular reservation, but the product doesn't appear anywhere. If so, try clicking the OK button next to Notes in the booking - it should refresh the reservation. If not, reply to this message with the property name and the affected reservation number.

One of our agents will update all bookings in the backend for you.

B) Cannot check-out/in a booking - space blocked

This message appears when there is another booking not yet checked-out prior to the reservation you need to act upon.

Check the Timeline to find the reservation that is blocking the space and check it out.

C) Cannot Check-Out/ In Booking - Reservation Falls out of Operational History Window

If the reservation in question that is blocking the new reservation falls out of your Operational Editable History Window (Menu > Settings > Property):

Please contact one of the agents who will advise further.

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