If you wish to add reservations to an existing group, you have 2 ways to do this.

Merge 2 existing reservations into 1 group reservation

  • Open one of the reservations

  • Navigate to the "group" tab

  • In the "Merge Reservation" field type the group name of the reservation you are trying to merge. Once selected, click the "merge" button.

Add new reservations to an existing booking.

  • Open the original reservation to which you would like to add more bookings

  • On the right top of the screen, select the "Reservation" button (see image below)

  • Once you select this button the "New Reservation Screen" will open, which will allow you to create a new booking, which will automatically merge into this group.

You can find more information on how to merge a group here:

Exceptions: Reservations created via a channel manager can't be merged. Once the group merged, it can't be un-merged.

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