Eight things to check when you cannot create keys

Most issues can be resolved by running through the check-list below. If you're not sure of some parts in the check-list, we recommend:

  • referring back to the key cutter integration set up guides

  • checking with a colleague who was involved in the original set up of the key cutter integration

  • asking a member of your property's IT department who might be familiar with the door lock software installation.

1 - Check that your Key cutter integration set up in Mews is completed according to the help guide:

  • All the necessary fields in the Key cutter integration are filled in. Depending on the help guide for your key cutter, check what needs to be filled in for API URL, user name, password

  • You have added your key encoder(s) in the Key cutters section, you have entered the correct "identifier", and the Data JSON field is entered exactly as prescribed in the help guide

  • If your room numbers in your door lock software and in Mews have different formats, make sure that you have mapped the room numbers in Key cutter mappings section

2 - Check that you have selected the key encoder in you Mews Open API integration

  • If the device is not selected, Mews will not be able to send the key creation command to your key cutter software, and you will get the below error:

Please connect the device to Mews Open API integration. (Encoder Name)

  • If you have more than one Mews Open API integration, consult your IT team

  • If your screen does not have drop-down or tick boxes, ask a colleague who has admin rights to configure this for you.

Hint: when an encoder is not selected in the Mews Open API integration, it will not be registered as a device command in the Device Commands queue

3 - Check your Mews Open API application

  • Make sure that your Mews Open API application is installed on the same computer as your key cutter Server Application (e.g. Salto ProAccess Space Configurator, TESA PMS Server Application, Visionline Webservice Application, etc)

  • Check that the Mews Open API application is online (see here for more information)

  • Restart the Mews Open API application (If you have just added a new printer or key encoder device to your Mews Open API integration, always restart the Mews Open API)

  • If your key cutter integration is using FIAS, double-check Step 2, point 5 of the Set up Mews Open API guide

Mews recommends that this be checked by someone at the property, who is familiar with key cutter set up or has some IT knowledge. Two general scenarios listed below:

4 – Go to Device Commands Queue and review the key cutter error message

(Detailed guide on all error types coming soon)

You can do so by clicking on the notification itself, or by going to Main menu > Queues > Device commands.

The Device Commands Queue contains details about the status of each device command. The error messages contain the key cutter software response and will often include further troubleshooting instructions.

When multiple device commands remain in PENDING state:

  • Check that your Mews Open API application is online. If not, open the Mews Open API application and wait for the status light on the bottom right corner of the screen to turn green.

  • If you cannot find the Mews Open API application on the computer you are using, consult with your colleagues first to know on which computer it has been installed.

When a device command results in ERROR state with an error message in the Notes column:

  • carefully read the response message in Notes, sometimes it contains further details or instructions on how to resolve the issue.

Error message contains door/space/room does not exist, room number not valid or a similar message:

  • Check that the Key cutter mapping in your Key cutter integration in marketplace > my subscriptions are properly mapped to the doors you have configured in your key cutter software

Error message contains URI invalid, any reference to an API URL, or a similar message:

  • Check that the API URL in your Key cutter integration is formatted exactly as prescribed in the corresponding key cutter set up guide

(!) If you are using Salto, please refer to the Salto troubleshooting guide

Error message Encoder is busy, please try again later, or a similarly-worded message:

  • It can be that another colleague happens to be creating a key to the same encoder at the same time.

  • If you notice the same error occurring for a series of key creation attempts, you may have duplicate Mews Open API applications running at your property, using the same Access Token from your Mews Open API integration.

  • Check that there is only one Mews Open API application installed on one computer at your property.

  • If you are sure that no other computer at the property has the Mews Open API application installed, restart the computer that runs the Mews Open API application

  • If your property has a more advanced set up that requires more than one Mews Open API, contact your property’s IT team for assistance.

5 - Verify that you have the necessary key cutter software and encoders

  • Check that your relevant key cutter applications and encoders are installed as prescribed in the help guide

  • Check that the key cutter programs (both server application and front-end client) are online and running. A quick way to tell is by creating a key through the program itself.

6 - Make sure that your key encoder is plugged in and that the internet connection is stable

  • If you are using an ethernet encoder, a temporarily slower internet connection can affect connectivity

7 - Restart the key cutter program or service

  • Restart the key cutter service (see how-to)

  • Try to create a key from Mews and see if the error messages persist

8 - Restart the computer

  • Restart the computer on which your key cutter software and the Mews Open API application are installed

  • Try to create a key from Mews and see if the error messages persist

If, after going through the above check-list, and an error continues to occur (either same or different), please contact Mews Support.

What information do I need to provide for my case?

It helps us to process your troubleshooting request more efficiently when all necessary information have been provided. When contacting Mews Support, please provide us with the following information:

  • Property name (especially if you are part of a chain/group of hotels using Mews)

  • The exact name of the key cutter software that the property is using

  • One or more sample reservation(s) where you have attempted to create keys through Mews

  • Screenshots of the Device Command queue that shows the particular key creation attempt(s) made from the aforementioned reservation(s)

  • This should include the error messages and the filters used.

  • A copy of your Mews Open API application logs (see this guide)

  • Since when did the issue occur?

  • Has any servers or computers running the key cutter programs been restarted recently?

Hint: for technical cases as such, we recommend contacting the team via email so that you can include full details of your case as well as all the attachments.

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