Commander is a cloud-based property management system (PMS).

Key features


  • We believe that guests should be at the heart of travel, so we put the guests at the heart of Mews. Reservations, orders, and bills are directly linked to the guest's profile in Commander.

Mobile friendly

  • We created a fully-mobile solution, so you have the freedom to serve your guests from anywhere in the property. No matter where you are, you can easily manage your operations. Download Commander for Android or iOS, then log in using your Commander credentials to check which spaces need to be cleaned, reply to messages from guests, and manage your tasks.

Flexible reporting

  • You should be able to pick and choose your data points precisely, to hone in on the details of your operation. Our reports export to macro-friendly Excel files for easier reading, and you can set up export schedulers that deliver your reports to you automatically.

Payment automation

  • Set up our online payment gateway, Mews Merchant, to transform the guest experience: speed up check-in and check-out, slash chargebacks, and save time and manpower. When you have a customer's payment card information in Commander, you can set up your PMS so payments are settled automatically.

Apps and integrations

  • Bring your existing workflows into Commander by connecting apps and integrations you already use. Browse the Marketplace for hundreds of apps, services, and tools that you can integrate into Commander.

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