The Accounting Ledger – overview of all open (not yet billed but consumed) and unsettled (not yet consumed but billed) items as of a specific date.

Deposits in Mews (brief overview)

Deposits are used to account for tax on prepayment at the time it is received, you can use deposits – a feature that allows you to settle a prepayment and recognize tax before your guest ever arrives for their stay.

Every deposit is made up of two revenue items: one – with a positive value & one with a negative value.

· The positive deposit is closed with payment when received from a guest

· The negative should be closed with the nights items later, in other words, discounted from a guest’s stay (as it was already paid before)

Why? - Legally required to declare VAT from payments received in advance

How? ­– “Deposits” feature can be used to account VAT from prepayments

Reports – Once the “Deposits” feature is used you will not see received payment

under open prepayments in the Accounting Ledger (as the prepayment was closed with the positive deposit).

The negative deposit is not disclosed as well until it is consumed with revenue.

How to search for pre-paid reservations in Mews

In order to track the pre-paid reservations, you will need to complete the following steps:

A) Run the Accounting Ledger report using the following filters
Mode: Detailed
Type: Guest Ledger

B) Export the report to Excel

C) Make sure to cover the whole period of the reservation stay: for example, if you have a booking checking-in on the 22nd of July and checking-out on the 29th of July, run the report until after the end of the check-out.

D) You will have to search for “0” amount in the General ledger column in the exported file and deposit items that balances out the nights

You can equally see that all the items add up to the deposit amount

Note that:

Consumption date of the deposit – after departure / check-out of the reservation

Consumption date of night items – is the same as the check-in date

How to search for pre-paid reservations in Mews

If you want to see for which future reservation payments have been done and which payments still need to come in for these specific booking – Reservation report can be used with a “load balances” option.

If the balance is s”0”, then the reservation was prepaid (please note, returning clients will likely not have the remaining balance '0' as the posted items and payments are not connected to the reservations but to client's profile).

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