You can decide whether accommodation/product groups should be automatically forwarded to a company’s bill when a reservation is made.

For example, You can route nights and breakfast to a company bill, but the guest will still pay for everything else.

Note: Items added to bills after the reservation is made won't be automatically routed—you'll need to move them yourself.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Property.

  2. Find the Settings menu on the left.

  3. Under Finance, click Routing rules.

  4. Click the + button.

  5. Under Set up routing for, search for the company or travel agency you want to set up the routing rule for.

  6. Choose whether you want to route all stay items or select stay items to the route.

  7. Under Stay product categories, select the categories you want to route. Routing only applies to the products which are directly in the category—child categories (and any products within them) won't be routed.

  8. Under Apply rule to decide when the rule should apply to the company.

  9. Click Create.

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