When new bookings are created, they are automatically allotted to a space on the Timeline. If a property has overbooked a category, meaning they've created more bookings than the number of spaces available, the system will automatically create overbooking slots in which it will place the reservation until the property is able to resolve the conflict.

Overbookings can be worrisome if not correctly understood, therefore the below will explain:

  • How to find them easily

  • Gain control of overbookings with CHM

  • How to avoid overbooking

You will know if you have an overbooking if your timeline displays a red transparent line on a space:

Find the Overbooking

  1. Go to the Reservation report found in the dashboard. Or Menu > Reservations > Reservation Report

  2. Use the following filters:

  • Mode: Detailed

  • Filter: Arrival

  • Start: Today’s Date

  • End: As far into the future as you wish to go.

Note: Mews allows you to book into as far as the future as the guest would like to, granted that you have not put any restrictions in place (Closed to Stay Restrictions)

  • Status: Confirmed

  • Group By: Space

  • Requested Category: Selected the category in whichever this overbooking applies to.

Hint: Overbookings show above the space type

3. Click OK

Once the report loads, scroll down to the bottom of the report to see all bookings under “None”. These are reservations that have not been assigned a particular space/room.

Using the dates mentioned in these bookings, navigate back to the Timeline, and use the information given to find where these Overbookings are:

Overbooking FAQ’s

Reasons for Overbookings:

  1. Availability Calculation Strategy

Choose how overbookings will impact your availability:

Select Diffusive if you want overbookings in lower space categories to take availability from higher space categories. This option helps prevent overbooking your whole property.

Select Discrete if you want overbookings to affect only the availability of the overbooked space category. This option increases the risk of overbooking your whole property.

Note: For both options, you’ll still have to manually resolve overbookings by clicking on the booking, dragging, and dropping into the free space.

2. Booking.com Auto-replenishment feature (effective April 2020)

This overbooking is most likely caused by Booking.com’s auto-replenishment feature which puts canceled spaces back up for sale on Booking.com immediately without waiting for an inventory update from Mews. Recently, Booking.com made this a default function to increase the number of bookings and revenue, as you pay commission for each of their reservations.

Note that there are 2 types of auto-replenishment features:

1. The general auto-replenishment feature is integrated by default to all properties on Booking.com and cannot be deactivated. Whenever a cancellation comes through Booking.com, the room is put back on sale automatically to give the property another chance at reselling it.

2. The auto-replenishment on closed rooms is a feature that can be deactivated at the property level, however, the general auto-replenishment for Booking.com cancellations will remain active. Deactivating this feature means that if the room/date is closed in red (stop sell), it will not be auto-replenished even if there are cancellations.

Please, find more information on this functionality on their official help center here.

I want to know if Mews is sending the correct availability to my Channel Manager for this reservation interval

Please see our guide on Inventory Updates which explains how to search for the inventory that is sent to Channel Manager.

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