Mews Connector application for Windows application is an app installed only once at your property to communicate with devices such as printers and key cutters.

For a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Mews Connector app (both in your Mews Operations and on a computer at your property), check out Set up the Mews Connector app

1 - What is the Mews Connector app for Windows?

It's a Windows application for communication between Mews servers (in the cloud) and applications/devices at your property that is not accessible over the internet from outside of a hotel.

It automatically starts when a computer is turned on and a Windows user is logged in. It won't start if it's not logged in.

2 - How does it work?

It listens for WebSocket events (notification of new device commands) coming from Mews Server. Once it gets a notification, it fetches the device command from Mews Server. The Mews Connector app will then process/execute* the commands, and then confirm the execution back to the server (update status of the device command).

*e.g. send stuff to print, forward the command to a key cutter software, etc

3 - Different parts of the app:

First glance:

Mews Connector application at first glance

Refresh - refresh the queue

Version - the version of the application (what's the latest version?)

Queue - list of all device commands that are still pending or have resulted in an error

Gear icon

  • Settings - see next section

  • Logs - see below (Mews Connector Logs)

  • Help - (currently an invalid page, continue down this article for more information about the application)

  • Restart* - restart the application

  • Close - exit the application

HINT: We recommend to always restart the application if you have added more devices in the Mews Connector app integration. Same applies if you have made updates to some device(s) you have created in Mews (e.g. if you added a printer in the Printer integration or a key encoder in the Key cutter integration)


Mews Connector app settings page

Access Token* - find this in the Mews Connector app integration.

IP Address - this is filled automatically by the application. It should be the same address you would find by typing "ipconfig" into the Command Prompt. No action required from the client here.

HINT: Remember that each Mews Connector app integration access token should only be used on ONE Mews Connector app

Advanced Settings & FIAS settings

Advanced settings (NO ACTION REQUIRED) - tick this box if you're switching between different Mews environments (e.g. Mews Connector app set-up for demo) - only Mews and integration partners would use this.

Fias settings - tick this box to expand settings, then tick "Enabled" if you're connecting a key cutter that communicates using the FIAS protocol. If you are connecting a Dormakaba key cutter, then you may need to also select "Client mode".

4 - What are the different versions?

How to find the latest version?

Go to

‌Look for the highest number (see the example screenshot below)

HINT: Running a much older version of Mews Connector app can cause issues (that would have been fixed in a later version), or the local logs would not be as detailed - which means you may not find the necessary details (if at all) in you Mews Connector app logs when troubleshooting.

How to find Mews Connector app logs?

Check out this guide on how to find Mews Connector app logs with detailed steps.‌

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