Please note this article is for informative purposes only and your process may differ. You may handle actions in dissimilar orders, depending on your structure and business needs. You can also set up everything in advance and enable it on the go-live date.

We strongly suggest that you consult the go-live day procedures with your accounting and front office departments, so the go-live day is planned effectively and reflects your specific financial and operational procedures.


Head to Menu > Finance > Cashier.

Let’s start the day by entering your starting balance. This will allow your reception team to take cash payments in Mews while you are completing other tasks required for going live with Mews.

Access your cashier and close it for the first time. Input the starting balance (base value) for each currency that you are accepting. The shift is closed now and you can see that your starting balance has been registered.

Close this window. A new shift is now open, and your starting balance is displayed under your cashier.

Out of Order

Let’s move on to the next step. If you have rooms that cannot be sold for any valid reason, they should be put Out of Order. Remember that putting a space Out of Order is a business-impacting decision and should only be made by a supervisor.


With your housekeeping team, check that room statuses (dirty/clean/inspected) are correctly in place, reflecting the real space status.

Printers & Key cutters

Install your printer(s) and key cutter integration. We recommend that you try to cut keys and print before you start doing check-ins. Check for any error messages by going to Main menu > Queues > Device commands.

Check all your printouts:

-Print a registration card

-Print a bill and invoice preview

Bills & Invoices

Confirm that your bills and invoices have the correct format/number. After the first bill and invoice are closed, check if the numbering is correct.

You can find your closed bills in the Bills and invoices report. Each bill number and format is listed in the report.

Let’s print a bill and check the bill header, bill footer, and bill number.


Check that all your integrations are created and enabled. Go to the Main menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions.

Check the status “Enabled” or “Disabled” in each integration.

Channel manager

Now it’s time to enable your Channel manager. When you are ready to enable the integration, monitor your Channel manager extranet as well as Mews, in order to validate information displayed in both systems and to confirm that new bookings are delivered correctly.

Live date

You’re ready to go live! If you have any outstanding concerns, please contact your implementation manager.

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