To access the Customer Module, select any customer or guest’s profile.

The customer module is the internal Mews profile of each guest that will stay at your property. It connects all reservations, bills, and orders to each person so that all their information is visible and organized in one place.

The customer module is composed of 5 tabs:


Within this tab, you can find current and future reservations, an overview of all closed bills linked to the customer profile, past reservations, and all orders that were made by the customer.

At the top right-hand side of the screen, there is a + icon, which can be used to create a new reservation or to place an order for this guest.

The first section of the dashboard displays the reservation cards for current and future bookings. From there, it is possible to print the registration cards.

You can manage the reservations by clicking on the manage option. If the guest was checking in or checking out, you would also be able to complete these actions from here.

The second section is bills. In this section, you will see all bills that have been closed under this customer profile. In case you want to review a past bill, you can access the closed bill by clicking on the bill number.

The third section shows past and canceled reservations cards.

The fourth section is the orders, where you can see all past, canceled, current, and future orders connected to this guest. You can click on the service to see additional details and you can cancel the order by clicking on the three dots next to the total amount.

Guest profile

Here you can find all the information you have entered on the guest. Information provided by the guest via Navigator will be saved in this tab.

For more information, please visit the guide Update or delete a customer profile.


The internals tab allows properties to add special notes and tags to any customer's profile and alert staff about customers that may require additional assistance for a variety of reasons.

Notes added on Internals will be displayed in your Space Status report and they won't be displayed in the reservation itself.

Note: It is not possible to change the preferred language of the guest. The guest needs to change themselves.


Here you can select different payment types, manage prepayments, refunds, pre-authorizations, and review all past payments.

In the credit card section you can see the list of credit cards the customer has used to make payments and you can add new credit cards as well.

Note: For security reasons Mews does not store full credit card data.

You will also find the preauthorizations, payments, payment attempts, and payment requests sections.

Within each section on the right, you may find a More Options icon that provides you with more actions to perform with the card, for example carrying out a pre-authorization, taking a payment, or disabling the card.

The payment section displays all successful payments made by the customer including payment methods and provides the option of carrying out a refund when required.

Billing screen

The Billing screen on the Customer Profile shows all unpaid items that require settlement and any open bills.

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